Traveling With My Kids as a Single Mom

Listen, the hardest and scariest thing I think I’ve done is walk away from an abusive relationship. I figured since I could brave that, I could surely taking a vacation with my kids as a single mom.

The question I faced though was, where do I go? I had so many ideas, a local hotel, a hotel with a waterpark, go visit family or friends? I just wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to make a wrong choice and then be hesitant to travel alone with my kids again.

My kids at the time were 7 and 8 years old. Because of their ages,  I decided I would go somewhere I have been before. Somewhere familiar just to ease the stress just a little. I live in Florida and opted to take a vacation to the beach for a weekend.

I have been to Sanibel Island once before and knew I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and stressed alone with my kids there. I think knowing the area gave me a sense of control in this situation.

I decided to find a hotel near Sanibel Island, in Fort Myers. This area was cheaper by far and was only a short car ride over the causeway to the island. I also found a hotel that had breakfast, YAY. How wonderful not to have to worry about at least one meal, right?

I researched so many different aspects of the trip, the restaurants, ice cream shops, stores, beaches, the tides, the weather, cost to drive over the causeway and tours. I figured I would gain as much knowledge as I could before I got there.

I packed the car with all my beach supplies and the kids, and we drove 3 hours to Fort Myers. I was ready to prove to myself I could travel with my kids as a single mom! I was going to continue to live my life after divorce.

The weekend consisted of laughter, smiles, swimming in the ocean, collecting sea shells, shopping at quaint shops, eating at amazing restaurants, having ice cream and just loving life together.

Not once did I feel stressed or overwhelmed. I didn’t have a specific time line, all I knew was that I had to feed the kids and we would be at the beach some, the rest we played by ear.  

I took an amazing step that first summer as a single mom. I was able to demonstrate to myself and my kids that our life will continue to have wonderful experiences even though I am divorced.

Since that summer 5 years ago, I have cruised alone with my kids, flown with my kids to visit friends and family, I’ve  taken road trips with my kids and this past summer we spent a weekend in St Augustine together. Vacationing with my kids as a single mom has definitely made me a stronger and a more confident mother.


You are not alone in this!